Folk Art

Reputed artist believes all plants are created equal

Who says Chinese literati painters only love the "Four Gentlemen" (Chinese plum blossoms, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum)? Who says that peony flowers always have to look dignified and graceful in literati paintings? Who says that lotus leaves always have to be presented in a fresh and refined style by literati painters?

Self-taught painter illustrates 100 cities

A self-taught painter in Chongqing who spent four years creating 100 illustrations of 100 cities in China, has attracted a lot of attention online.

Art from Culture Cities of East Asia on tour in Shandong

Some 70 paintings, watercolors, prints, lacquer paintings and mixed-media works by young artists from or based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province and Jinan, Shandong province, are now on display at Shandong News Art Gallery through Oct 30. Also on show are works by artists from China, Japan and South Korea who won prizes at a youth artist competition.

Forbidden City eyes stronger ties with Taipei peer

The Palace Museum in Beijing hopes to hold a joint exhibition with its counterpart in Taipei at the newly opened Hong Kong Palace Museum in the future, said Wang Xudong, director of the museum, which is also known as the Forbidden City, at a news conference on Thursday.

Master of jade

Wallace Chan at the exhibition Titans: A Dialogue Between Materials, Space and Time at the Fondaco Marcello in Venice, Italy, last year.[Photo provided by Giacomo Cosu /For China Daily]

A designer's lifelong devotion to popularizing the traditional Chinese floral arrangement

A huge flower basket duly appeared at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, on September 25, six days before China celebrated its National Day. The flower basket has been part of the country's National Day celebrations since 1986.

Art education on display

Exhibition highlights players and moments that shaped the sector. An exhibition at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai, which runs until Sunday, presents the evolution of modern art education in China. Jointly hosted by the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and the Liu Haisu Art Museum, An Exhibition of Modern Art Education Context in China is showcasing artworks by 50 20th-century masters, alongside more than 300 copies of vintage textbooks and other historical documents, some of which are on public view for the first time.

Yi ethnic group invigorates traditional embroidery

Li Ruxiu, 60, walks the runway wearing a cockscomb-shaped hat and black, red, yellow and green clothing, displaying traditional Yi ethnic costumes to tourists.

National Art Museum renews displays at its 'treasure cabinet' show

Cangbaoge, or cabinet of treasures, was a piece of wood furniture or a well-decorated room for collectors to store and exhibit their cultural assets in ancient China.

Landscape master’s works donated to National Art Museum of China

Qian Songyan is ranked among the greatest creators of classic Chinese mountain-and-water paintings in the 20th century. His works are in a collection of important museums such as the National Art Museum of China in Beijing, which has mounted surveyed exhibitions of his work.


Starry nights on stage

From popular children's choir to Peking Opera, cultural carnival promises a surge of nostalgia as the People's Republic of China celebrates its anniversary.

Upcoming documentary show presents a rich 'Bouquet' of Chinese civilization

Within just five minutes, the extent and scope of Chinese culture is given a vivid presentation in China Bouquet, a bilingual documentary which will be for viewing on several online platforms.

Tasty tradition is sweet success for culture

Seen from afar, they are decorative polychromatic flowers, placed front and center at dining tables to feast the eyes.

High tech and art merge in Nanjing exhibition

The ongoing exhibition In the Line of Flight, for Possible Worlds at Deji Art Museum in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has attracted lots of visitors by offering them a cool experience by mixing art and technology.

​Exhibition reviews development of ancient Chinese paintings

Editor's note: A collection of more than 1,700 copies of Chinese paintings and related calligraphy works from the Han Dynasty (202 B.C.- A.D. 220) to the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) are currently on display at the National Museum of China in Beijing.