Chinese company invents one of world's largest LED cinema screens

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Shenzhen Timewaying Ltd, a leading technology manufacturer specializing in LED and 3D solutions, and Arts Alliance Media (AAM), the global leader in digital cinema software and services, has launched the new, DCI-certified 20-meter 4K HeyLED cinema screen, becoming one of the world's largest digital LED cinema screens on the market.

Chinese company invents one of world's largest LED cinema screens
The R&D team behind the 20-meter 4K HeyLED cinema screen pose for a photo in front of the first screen manufactured in Shenzhen Timewaying Ltd's factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. [Photo courtesy of Timewaying]

Presenting a giant leap in cinematic LED displays, the HeyLED 20-meter cinema screen combines pure color, true black, and a high contrast ratio with patented high pixel fill rate technology to enable a visual experience "never seen before."

"Managing diversification and strengthening technology is essential to the future of cinema. The implementation of our LA4K-20 HeyLED allows exhibitors to create an entertainment destination that can facilitate a truly incomparable cinematic experience, attracting customers beyond their normal reach," said Andrew Chan, founder and CEO of Timewaying.

With high brightness up to 300 nits, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, 16-bit grayscale, and DCI-P3 wide color gamut, the HeyLED 20-meter screen is of the highest specification, with stronger color, realism and depth. While HDR-ready, HeyLED technology uses an active "black screen" instead of a passively reflected "white screen," which is the basis of its high contrast, according to his introduction.

Kenny Chow, CTO of Timewaying, added, "with the high contrast ratio of LED and the black LED screen itself, when a picture with a black background is presented, HeyLED will create an illusion where the screen 'disappears,' making bright pictures even more prominent.

HeyLED enables closer front-row viewing via high pixel fill rate optics and increased back-row seating from the removal of the project room, meaning higher admissions per screening.

The characteristics of HeyLED screens are also excellent for assisting other explorations of cinema's multifunction and entertainment besides movie screening, including broadcast and display of talk shows, concerts, and e-sports, as well as the live feed of company meetings.

As official resellers of the HeyLED brand, AAM will deliver the new 20-meter screen to exhibitors across Asia, Europe, and all of the Americas, transforming the in-theatre consumer experience while expanding their product portfolio.

"The launch of the HeyLED LA4K-20 is a monumental moment for LED in cinema," said Dale Miller, CCO at AAM. "Not only does it reflect rapid development and demand, but it shows the full capabilities of bringing LED technology into a cinematic environment, and we look forward to being at the heart of its deployment."

In 2021, with over three years of R&D time and significant investment, Timewaying announced the 10-meter-wide LA2K-10 (branded as HeyLED) had obtained the DCI certification. Beijing has already installed one such screen in January 2022, with more to follow in other Chinese cities. In April this year, the company promoted the system at CinemaCon 2022 in Las Vegas. Then, in June, the HeyLED Innovation Center opened in Los Angeles for a comprehensive demonstration of HeyLED's functionality to Hollywood peers. The company is trying to push this screen for broader adoption in the domestic market and worldwide.

Chinese company invents one of world's largest LED cinema screens
A concept demonstration image shows a theater equipped with a giant LED cinema screen. [Image courtesy of Timewaying]

The new 20-meter giant LED cinema screen is a new addition and attraction. It aims to provide another stunning way to fit the experience of visual-effects-heavy blockbusters, such as the upcoming "Avatar" sequel. According to Timewaying's plan, the first two giant LED cinema screens will soon be installed in Xi'an and Wuhan. 

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