Tsinghua arts & design academy graduation show opens online

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The 2022 Online Graduation Exhibition of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (AADTHU) officially opened on June 13 with more than 2,300 works by over 450 undergraduates and postgraduates going on virtual display.

Tsinghua arts & design academy graduation show opens online
A poster for the 2022 AADTHU Online Graduation Exhibition ( https://exhibition.ad.tsinghua.edu.cn/2022/). [Image courtesy of AADTHU]

“While involving us in the special experience of fighting the pandemic, history has entrusted us with the glorious mission to undertake the future,” professor Lu Xiaobo, dean of AADTHU, wrote in the preface of the exhibition. 

The academy originally planned to stage the exhibition both online and in-person, however due to the recent wave of COVID-19 cases in Beijing and to follow the implementation of citywide prevention measures, the show is being held solely online this year.

“For the teachers and students of AADTHU, the splendid artistic achievements displayed in the exhibition are their blooming youth and talents, as well as their efforts to report to the society and engrave history, showing us the growth of the students and their belief and hope for the future. AADTHU has always kept pace with the times,” he continued.

While AADTHU takes “integrating arts and science” as an important part of its development philosophy and educational practice, the online exhibition showcases the creative fusion of art and science, and brings together the latest innovations in teaching and scientific research. 

Tsinghua arts & design academy graduation show opens online
An artwork by Yang Hang, a student at AADTHU, on display in the academy’s online exhibition. [Image courtesy of AADTHU]

Students, drawing essence from tradition and basing their art works on their own perspectives, made diverse explorations and experiments in their artistic creation through various ontologies, in order to express their true feelings, remember history and reflect on life. 

Although the pandemic has posed problems, uncertainties and challenges for graduates in their studies and everyday life, they have managed to overcome difficulties, remain optimistic, persist in innovation and adapt to the changes. The online exhibition not only shows a high level of technical skill in the completion of art works, but also a wide variety of visual styles. 

At the same time, AADTHU’s technological expertise has strongly supported the online exhibition. The online exhibition system launched in 2020, and has since become an important platform for displaying the achievements of graduating students at the academy. Not only does it meet the needs of students for independent exhibition, but it also creates a smooth experience for interacting with the audience, including the young artists’ families.

To view the online exhibition, visit: https://exhibition.ad.tsinghua.edu.cn/2022/

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Tsinghua arts & design academy graduation show opens online

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